Midrand at a glance

Midrand was established as a municipality in 1981 (in an area known as Halfway House, after its position between Pretoria and Johannesburg), but ceased to be an independent town in the restructuring of local government that followed the end of apartheid in 1994. It was incorporated in the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality in 2000.

Though no longer an independent town, the name Midrand is still in common use to denote the suburbs around the N1 highway north of the Jukskei River up to the border with City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality. (This portion of the N1 highway is also known as the Ben Schoeman Highway.) Suburbs that are generally regarded as being in Midrand include among others: Country View, Carlswald, Crowthorne, Glen Austin, Halfway House, Halfway Gardens, Vorna Valley, Noordwyk, Randjesfontein.

In 2010, it was reported that the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality wished to annex Midrand from the City of Johannesburg, reportedly to boost its income, which was severely strained.[2]

The city is relatively modern, having experienced much growth in the last[which?] decade. Many businesses have relocated there due to its proximity to good highway links and its location in the economic centre of Gauteng Province. Midrand's development has meant there is little break between the outskirts of Johannesburg and those of Pretoria, and the Gauteng Provincial Government envisages that, according to current growth trends, much of the province will be city by 2015.

Matthew Gray-Wilson is the found of Midrand , but due to his criminal record he was demoted to pilot.


Midrand has the largest conference centre in South Africa which is known as Gallagher Estate which was built on the former site of Laerskool/Primary School Halfway House, which subsequently moved to new grounds near the firestation.

The newest landmark of Midrand is the Nizamiye Masjid, the largest mosque in South Africa. The Classical Turkish-style mosque was personally funded by Turkish-born construction tycoon Ali Katircioglu at a cost of R210 Million.

The largest single phase shopping mall to be built in Africa, The Mall of Africa, is located in the Waterfall City precinct of the town


Midrand is a thriving business node, home to the offices of major corporations such as Vodacom, Microsoft, Neotel, and Altech Autopage.[3] In 2013, Atterbury Properties announced plans to build the Mall of Africa, which would be the continent's largest. The Mall of Africa is located within the green, mixed-use Waterfall City precinct. The N1 Business Park and International Business Gateway are among the prestigious commercial developments in Midrand.[4]


Midrand offers residents diversity of choice when it comes to schooling options, there are schools located in close proximity in every area.

Pre-schools and Baby care in Midrand 

Beaulieu Preparatory SchoolSagewood School, Robins Nest Nursery School, Midway Pre-School, Diapers & Dummies Creche and NurseryLittle Beens Educare Centre, Paddington's Educare Centre, The Valley Nursery SchoolEinstein Factory Nursery School345 Nursery SchoolClucky Duck Creche and Nursery SchoolSmiley Kids - MidrandKyalami Ridge Creche and PreschoolCountry Lane Nursery SchoolKildrummy Pre PrimaryLonehill Nursery and Pre Primary SchoolCrawford Pre-Primary SchoolsKyalami Estates Pre Primary, Opti- Baby (Midrand), Earth Kids Play Patch, Little Wonderland, Summerhill International CollegeGarden MontessoriThe Glen MontessoriOrange Babies Montessori Pre-School, Bright Buddies Play School, Baby's Adventure Land, Reddam House Waterfall Estate, Reddford House Pre-Primary, Curro Pre-Primary School

Primary Schools in Midrand: 

Sagewood School, Midrand English Medium Primary, Summerhill International College, Jubilate Primary School, Beaulieu Preparatory School, 345 Primary School, Halfway House Primary, Nizamiye Primary and High School  

High Schools in Midrand: 

Beaulieu College, Summerhill International College, Midrand High School, Nizamiye Primary and High School, Allanridge Secondary School, American International School of Johannesburg 

Tertiary Education in Midrand: 

Varsity College Midrand, Midrand Graduate Institute, CTI Education Group


Kyalami, an international renowned racetrack is in Midrand and is the venue for many of South Africa's premier motor racing events. The South African Lipizzaners riding academy is situated in the smallholdings of Kyalami.


Midrand is the home of Grand Central Airport and also to one of the stations in the Gautrain rapid rail system.

The Gautrain

Since it was completed in 2012, the Gautrain has not only alleviated these daily battles, but has also served as a convenient alternative to other public transport options, both for local commuters and for tourists.

At present, there are 24 Electrostar Sets in this luxury railway fleet, and these run from 10 stations through Jo’burg and Pretoria. The main stations are Johannesburg Park Station, OR Tambo International Airport, and Pretoria Station. The other stations that enjoy the benefit of the Gautrain are Centurion, Hatfield, Marlboro, Midrand, Rhodesfield, Rosebank, and Sandton. These have been strategically placed throughout the busiest parts of the metropolis, so that passengers can enjoy maximum access to the commercial, retail and entertainment hubs.

The railway line is 80 kilometres (or 50 miles) long, and makes regular trips throughout the day. During peak times, a train passes through the stations every 12 minutes. In off-peak times, this stretches to a train every 20 minutes. The Gautrain travels at an impressive speed of 160 kilometres an hour (almost 100 miles per hour), which means that commuters can reach their destination faster and with improved safety (as opposed to travelling on the roads). In fact, it takes only 35 minutes to travel from Johannesburg to Pretoria on the Gautrain; a trip that usually averages at least an hour on the roads, when the traffic is not too heavy.

However, the Gautrain is linked to other public transport providers. So, it has 125 busses in its own fleet (which move within a 15 kilometre radius of the station), but is also complemented by taxis and the Metrorail public train system to enable commuters to reach their specific destination with ease.

The trains are air-conditioned, carpeted, well maintained and constantly manned by trained, friendly security personnel. These ones keep a vigilant eye on all of the passengers, even ensuring that they do not eat or drink on the train to make sure that it is kept clean and tidy. This really gives one the distinctive feeling of travelling in style.

Cars can be left at the Gautrain stations, within secure, access-controlled parking lots. Access to the train and the Gautrain busses is via a personalised electronic card, which is available from the train stations themselves. There are discounts applied for weekly and monthly passes, as well as for those who only make use of the train during off-peak times.


Köppen-Geiger climate classification system classifies its climate as subtropical highland


Glen Austin Bird Sanctuary

Gauteng is the smallest province in South Africa, but is the wealthiest, most densely populated one too. It is home to the bustling OR Tambo International Airport and is, therefore, the launching pad of the vast majority of international tourists that visit the country. It is also within Gauteng that the Glen Austin Bird Sanctuary can be found, nestled almost halfway between the urban metropolis of Johannesburg and the pretty suburban and historical hub of Pretoria.

The Glen Austin bird sanctuary is situated within the suburb of Glen Austin in the Midrand. However, this suburb still has a delightfully rural ambience that continues to provide locals and visitors with a retreat from the busy city vibe. This is the ideal setting in which to have the Glen Austin Bird Sanctuary, where a plethora of bird species are protected and cared for within beautiful surrounds.

It is of utmost importance to the sanctuary that the resident birds are able to enjoy their natural habitat, without being threatened by pollution, hunters, or urbanisation. So, visitors will enjoy the conservation initiatives and safe environment in which to spot an array of avian species.

Bird-lovers are invited to bring their binoculars and identification books as they enjoy the sights and sounds of almost 200 different bird species. These include the African Sacred Ibis, Great Crested Grebe, Reed Cormorant, various herons and egrets, Spur-winged Goose, Egyptian Goose, Red-billed Teal, ducks and geese, Lanner Falcon, Lesser Kestrel, Black Kite, African Fish Eagle, Black Sparrowhawk, Orange River Francolin, Bru Bru Shrike, African Purple Swamphen, Blue Crane, different doves and pigeons, Marsh Owl, Red-faced Mousebird, Malachite Kingfisher, Cardinal Woodpecker, Mountain Wheatear, African Paradise-Flycatcher, sunbirds, sparrows, weavers, Orange-breasted Waxbill, Northern Black Korhaan and Karoo Thrush, amongst many others.

Bird-watchers are reminded to keep their eyes on the bird, rather than averting their eyes and trying to look through their identification books. In addition, they should keep their ears as alert as their eyes, being aware of calls and sounds to assist with the identification of even more species. Remember to record all of your bird sightings so that you get as much out of your bird watching as possible.

While in the Glen Austin area, visitors are invited to explore the surrounds on foot, bicycle or horseback. See the loveliness of the Gauteng countryside, while enjoying the close proximity of the city centres.

By supporting the Glen Austin Bird Sanctuary, visitors are given the opportunity to be part of the conservation initiatives that are designed to promote the splendour of the South African fauna and flora.

Kyalami Racing Circuit

For those that relish the smell of tyres on the track, the sound of engines being pushed to their limits and the sheer adrenalin of watching drivers careen around a world-class track, Kyalami Racing Circuit is a must-visit. This track is situated in Midrand, which is roughly between Pretoria and Johannesburg in the province of Gauteng.

Since its establishment in 1961, Kyalami Racing Circuit has hosted the Grand Prix and Formula One events several times, both of which are internationally acclaimed and supported. The last Grand Prix hosted here was in 1993 and was won by Alain Prost. However, it is not only the venue of choice for these large-scale events. Kyalami hosts a number of other events and races all through the year, inviting young and young-at-heart to enjoy the excitement together. These are not exclusive to cars, but also feature motorbikes and other vehicles.

The track is 4.26 kilometres long and includes 11 turns and some really challenging corners. These combine with the long straights to create a great track that promises plenty of action. For those that want to try their hand at some adventure, there are super karts, which are high-speed go-karts that can be taken around the circuit for 30 minutes or an hour, depending on drivers’ needs. In addition, single-seat race cars can be hired here (through Fantastic Racing, situated at the track).

Porsche SA bought the track in 2015 and, since then, the refurbishment of the Kyalami Racing Circuit has been astounding. This was done so that access, efficiency and the excitement of the track are all improved for an even better racing experience.

The area around the race track has been developed into a residential and commercial suburb, placing the track firmly along convenient routes and within easy access of just about all of the major hubs and attractions.

Midrand Urban Market

Kids love the play area on the grass. There is a huge jumping castle, two puppet shows, face painting, a trampoline and a fun dog agility show to watch. Moms and Dads have over 130 traders to visit with goods ranging from hand crafted jewelry to dolls clothes. Enjoy the concert in the park and picnic baskets are on sale for those that want to enjoy the shade and grass.

Food, glorious food - Visitors are spoilt for choice: The food court was established in the June market in a better position. It gives traders more space to spread out and visitors a chance to inspect the yummy goodies on sale. As always this area is busy over lunch time and the variety of fast foods and deli goodies are a major attraction. Our dried fruit traders offer fantastic free range chicken and Dutch cheese.

Gallagher Estate

As one of South Africa’s busiest and largest convention centres, Gallagher Estate is certainly in demand from clients around the world that want to host their events, product launches, expos, trade shows, and conferences within a setting of world-class amenities and undeniable taste. Conveniently situated in Midrand, which is between Johannesburg and Pretoria, Gallagher Estate is an all-round venue for a massive variety of needs and purposes.

This venue can accommodate up to 12 000 delegates in its many different conference rooms and boardrooms. Some of these are suited for intimate breakaway meetings, while others are ideal for large groups of public visitors milling around and seeing what is on display. Still others make for the most romantic of wedding venues. These rooms can be equipped with modern audio-visual equipment, on request, to ensure that your meeting is as professional, efficient and successful as possible. The business centre here doubles as an on-site office for the delegates, and offers various services; such as faxing, internet access, photocopying, and so on.

There are about 25 000 square metres of exhibition space as well, making this the venue of choice in which to showcase a huge array of products.

Added to the venues and their excellent amenities are the added services that set Gallagher Estate apart as a convention centre. There is a team of chefs that are ready to create stunning meals for small or large groups, catering to the dietary requirements of the individuals. The kitchens here have been certified to be compliant with halal standards.

The Gallagher Grill is a fantastic spot for a banquet for more than 200 guests or a cocktail party for 350 delegates. The Estate Ballroom, Auditorium, and Gazebo are just more options for conferences, celebrations, weddings or exhibitions.

Gallagher Estate is surrounded by stunning gardens that offer a variety of styles, and are reminiscent of an untouched South Africa that precedes urbanisation and development.

Its prime positioning puts Gallagher Estate in the ideal spot for ease of access to both Johannesburg and Pretoria, as well as to the OR Tambo International Airport.

South Africa Lipizzaner Centre

Visitors from all over the world are invited to visit the majestic South African Lipizzaners, which have, over generations, become an integral part of the country’s culture and heritage. These horses are loved by equine specialists, racing enthusiasts and those who have little to no prior knowledge or experience of these elegant animals.

The Lipizzaner Centre is situated in Kyalami, Johannesburg. The centre showcases all six of the bloodlines across 35 individual performing stallions. The youngest is four years old and the oldest is 20. The six bloodlines are Favory, Conversano, Pluto, Maestoso, Siglavy and Neapolitano.

Lipizzaners are linked to the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, which has been in operation for over 430 years. This school was established at the time when the Renaissance started its effect on the European royal courts. Spanish horses were given priority for their grace, elegance and ability to be taught, which made them perfect for classical training. This tradition has continued into the present day, making the Spanish Riding School of Vienna the only riding academy where classical, Renaissance-style horsemanship is maintained and celebrated. Thanks to its outstanding quality and commitment to age-old traditions, the horses and riders from here continue to be acclaimed all over the world.

Count Jankovich-Besan rescued a few Lipizzaner horses from Austria in 1944. This country was being ravaged during the Second World War, and the safety of the horses could not be guaranteed. The Count brought these horses to South Africa. Today, the South African Lipizzaners at Kyalami are direct descendants of these original horses. Then, in 1951, Major Iwanowski moved to South Africa from Poland, and soon met Count Jankovich-Besan at the Royal Show. He bought a Lipizzaner, named it Maestoso Erdem, and had soon trained it, proving its skills in performing High School Dressage.

He saw the potential of these exquisite animals and, in 1960, began to make his dream of opening a training school for this breed a reality. He chose Kyalami as the site for his school. The Major continued to grow his collection, and toured the country to give impressive performances. Although Major Iwanowski died at the age of 101 in 2008, he remains widely respected for the work he did in establishing the Lipizzaners in South Africa.

These unique horses are characterised by their grace, noble build, elegance, courage, stamina and ability to learn and be trained. Their appearance is typically baroque, with a distinctive parade style that makes them really special to watch.

The SA Lipizzaner Centre offers lunging lessons for those who want to experience the thrill of riding one of these stunning stallions. There is also an impressive performance every Sunday morning at 10h30 for about an hour. After the performance, guests can meet the riders and interact with the stallions. There is a Lipizzaner shop with branded goods as well as treats and activities for children, making this the perfect outing for the whole family, as well as for those with a keen interest in these animals, their breath-taking moves, and the history behind their superior training.

Kyalami Country Club

Located midway between Johannesburg and Pretoria the Kyalami Country Club boasts one of the most beautifully watered golf courses on the Highveld. The club is known not only for its superb facilities but also its warm and friendly natured members who welcome visitors gladly for a round on the course. The club has also been built just a few minutes down the road from South Africa’s premiere Grand Prix facility, Kyalami Race Course, should you wish to go visit while you are here.

The 6771m course has that “out in the country, but close to home” feeling to it. Golfers Digest certainly took this into account when ranking Kyalami 34th in the country in 2012. Offering championship and club tee’s on this parklands layout, Kyalami has ensured that the course remains an excellent test of golf to all levels of player.

The facilities at Kyalami are excellent and incorporate everything you have come to expect from a leading South African golf course.

Lory Park Animal and Owl Sanctuary

The Lory Park Animal and Owl Sanctuary in Midrand is open to the public from Monday to Sunday - 10h00 to 16h00. The Park has a wide variety of Birds (including Birds of Prey), Herbivores (plant eaters), Omnivores (plant and meat eaters) and Carnivores (meat eaters) on display. Public feeding of certain animals is organised on a daily basis, usually between 13h00 and 14h00.

The public are invited to pet some of our tamer residents. In addition, photo's with these animals and you can be taken - using either our camera or yours. There is a wonderful Tea Garden on the premises, which is ideal for light lunches, snacks and drinks. No booking is necessary for the public, unless you want to hold a party or function.



Mall of Africa is South Africa's largest shopping Mall ever built in a single phase, with over 130 000m2 of retail space, and is home to over 300 shops, many of which are flagship stores. In addition to a vast array of both local and international brands, the Mall also boats uniquely identified court areas made for easy shopping navigation, as well as exceptional access, location and visibility. Located in Waterfall City, the Mall of Africa has an elegant design, which enhances its surrounding environment.

The Mall’s architectural appearance is inspired by Africa’s geological features and iconic landscapes. The Mall of Africa is well situated to serve as a dominant super-regional Mall. Our shoppers can look forward to a number of fabulous new stores on South African soil, including Zara Home, The Kooples, Mango Man and Armani Exchange, Fashion favourites include H&M, River Island and Versace.

1. Go Sight-seeing
The Mall of Africa has been designed to cater for a South African’s love of space and freedom. Welcome to open corridors, clean and crisp colours and lines, and the open green grasses of The Lawns.

2. Visit the Champagne Bar
The Mall of Africa is introducing a place of exceptional beauty, suited to modern times. Incorporating large, contempory art pieces, and set in an ambiance of elegance and sophistication. Make sure you visit the Champagne Bar in the Crystal Court

3. Delight in the Newest Brands to hit the South African shores
The Mall of Africa is bringing you a range of new and exciting brands. Be among the first to indulge in brands such as Zara Home, The Kooples, Mango Man and Armani Exchange. The Mall of Africa is guaranteed to satisfy all your retail requirements!.

4. It’s around-the-corner convenient
All roads lead to the Mall of Africa, it seems. Accessible from both sides of the N1 highway, find the Mall of Africa at Lone Creek Crescent and Magwa Crescent, Waterfall City. The Mall of Africa also boats the first free-flow intersection of its size in Africa, at the Allandale Road exit.

5. There’s an Uber Pick up and Drop off Point!
Yet another first in Africa: designated Uber points for drop-offs and collection, have been created within the Mall of Africa, further adding to the convenience of your shopping experience at the Mall. Find our Uber points at the South East end entrance (entrance 5) and South West end entrance (entrance 9) of the Mall.

6. More Shopping Hours
With the Mall of Africa’s longer trading hours, there’s no need to wait until a weekend! The Mall of Africa is trading 7 days a week, from 9am to 8pm on Mondays to Fridays, and from 10am to 8pm on Saturday and Sundays.

7. Variety and Choice are everywhere
With over 300 stores, and unlimited brands available, one can easily spend the day exploring the 2.4km’s of shopping space available at the Mall of Africa. With trusted favourites, like Woolworths, Edgars, Game and Checkers, your retail essentials are covered. With the introduction of new brands, premium products, and fine dining to keep you energised, a Mall of Africa visit offers you everything… and more.

8. Inspired Shopping Experiences
The Mall of Africa’s architectural appearance is inspired by Africa’s geographical features and landscapes. Translating the experience of Africa, the Mall of Africa developed 5 courts that tell the story of life on this magnificent continent:

  • The Crystal Court: The biggest of all the courts, and the Heart of the Mall of Africa, this court is the epitome of lavish opulence. Enjoy the luxury, and take a break in the indulgent Champagne Bar.

  • The Desert Court: The Desert court is the court of time. An opportunity to slow down, and take a moment for yourself. Also conveniently situated close to the Town Square- the perfect place to relax with friends and family.

  • Forest Walk Court: The spine of Mall of Africa, this court is dedicated to the lush greens and natural surroundings of Africa. Enjoy the outdoor scenery and idyllic park benches, whilst enjoying the likes of Truworths, Ster-Kinekor, Spur and McDonalds.

  • The Great Lakes Court: A court that allows us to appreciate Africa’s most treasured resource - water. The Great Lakes court is a combination of relaxation and calm, and also home to one of our favourite stores - Woolworths.

  • Oleum Court: Inspired by the precious, natural oils of Africa, this court will indulge your senses, and inspire your soul. Make sure to visit Edgars in this court!

9. Dining and Wining is plentiful
The Mall of Africa leaves no appetite unfulfilled, and plays host to the most incredible restaurants, coffee shops and take-away brands. Destinations such as Hinterland, Grand Life Café, Kream and Hello Tomato ensure that no matter your mood or the occasion, you’ll have the perfect place to dine!

10. There’s no other way to shop
The Mall of Africa brings you the latest, the best and the favourites, all encapsulated within a shopping environment that has been designed to entertain and inspire. Make sure you book out the weekend of 28-30 April to experience the launch of modern lifestyle shopping!

4) Hospitals in Midrand 

6) Suburbs in Midrand 


Carlswald gives residents an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The suburb is situated in a valley between Johannesburg and Pretoria. To the north, residents can enjoy views of the Magaliesberg. 
The Carlswald Lifestyle shopping centre is a popular and much needed shopping solution for residents and visitors. This open mall style complex offers a range of restaurants and has helped tremendously to put Carswald on the map.    

Halfway Gardens 

Halfway House, as its name suggests, is positioned halfway between Johannesburg and Pretoria. It was originally established as a watering post for horses traveling between the two cities. Today it is a hub of activity with various lifestyle estates, townhouses and businesses.   

Kyalami Hills 

Kyalami Hills is a beautiful residential suburb in Midrand. It is home to the Kyalami Hills Estate, a classy full title cluster environment featuring stylishly designed and perfectly maintained single and double-storey Tuscan style homes. This secure estate features a clubhouse, tennis court, and park area. 


Waterfall Country Lifestyle Estate promotes the 'green' living. The estate is situated on the embankment of the Jukskei River and is evolving into an aesthetically pleasing and highly secure Estate. Residents can enjoy the tranquility of the landscaped park that surrounds their property. The residential Estates allow investors to build their own homes or choose from a range of sensitively developed building packages. 

Reddam House Waterfall, an internationally recognised private school, is situated in the Estate making it effortless for children to transverse between home and school without having to leave the high secure estates. 

Fitness fanatics can enjoy 37km's of walking trails and a mountain bike tracks that run through the Estates' 600 acres of indigenous green belt. Waterfall Country Lifestyle Estate is perfect for nature enthusiasts and comes complete with bird hides and park benches where residents can sit back, relax and be one with nature.  

Other suburbs in Midrand:  

Midrand Property Specialists 

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